• New York Silhouette (CTY01)

    $49.00 $35.00

    Memory Metals - New York Silhouette - Medal Display

    For many of the athletes around the world, the direct reflection of success is the medal of accomplishment. Our Metal displays makes this easy to display for yourself or all the world to see, instead of getting lost in the sock draw or scratched up and forgotten. Whether it’s your accomplishment or that of a child, grandchild or even possibly a gift for a friend, the many different and uniquely designed medal displays will showcase achievements and awards earned. Crafted for all the successful, self-disciplined athletes in your life. Display the map of your Journey for all to see and be become inspired! 

    • Crafted by a precision fiber laser from brushed stainless steel in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. 

    • Uniquely designed, our Medal Displays allow you to proudly display your medals and showcase your accomplishments. 

    • Displaying the Medal Display offset from the hanging surface gives depth and allows medals to slide on and off easily. 

    • Our custom design discretely hides all access slots for a nice clean Medal Display. 

    • Easy to install, the kit includes mounting hardware. 

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    • 12" Wide Size = 7-13 medals

    • 18" Wide Size = 11-19 medals

    • 24" Wide Size = 17-25 medals

    • 30" Wide Size = 19-31 medals